At Skin Envy Beauty Bar our goal is to ensure every customer feels empowered, confident enough to go without makeup, and educated on what they are using. Our journey as a company has been inspired by our founder’s personal battle with Acne prone sensitive skin.

My name is Danielle and I am the creative director and lead formulator for Skin Envy Beauty Bar. In 2018, I began my studies and in-depth research to learn all I could about the skin, natural ingredients, and the formulating process, due to years of trying nearly every prescription and over the counter remedy with no avail, I created a solution with natural organic ingredients that restored and revived my skin. I have seen firsthand how plant-based ingredients can provide specific change in both adults and children as they are freed from the stresses of problematic skin without the need of products with harmful chemicals. I am a passionate qualified skincare formulator with certificates in natural skincare formulation from accredited programs. Educating myself in natural skincare ingredients and formulations, has helped me to turn a dream of having my own business into a reality. 

Skin Envy Beauty Bar is a Canadian Black Owned natural skincare company born out of passion, research, education and a never-ending drive to help people (particularly women) embrace, nourish and flaunt their natural skin tone without makeup. At Skin Envy Beauty Bar we understand that everyone is unique and will therefore need different formulas for their skin. Skincare education is a major component of our business so we include all the information you need on the benefits and uses of every ingredient in every product. With fully informed choices you will be on your way to having the glowing skin that others will envy. The choice is yours. Make the leap to Skin Envy today and experience the enviously glowing skin that you deserve!