Coochie Colada Yoni Bar

Coochie Colada Yoni Bar

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Coochie Colada Yoni Bar - Fights Odour 

Say goodbye to the ordinary feminine care and try Coochie Colada Yoni Bar! Our All Natural Yoni Bar soap is made specifically for those sensitive areas. PH-mismatch can lead to dryness, itchiness, burning and irritation in the coochie because of the disruption of the balance between the naturally-occurring microbes in our vulva.

Coochie Colada is a gentle Yoni Bar that helps restore normal PH balance and is infused with plant based ingredients such as tea tree oil and lavender oils, and lemon extracts to support your coochie and fight odour. It's perfect for sensitive skin that gets easily irritated by conventional soaps and body washes. Best of all, this Yoni bar has no synthetic fragrances, dyes or other nasties for a refreshing, gentle clean down there. Your coochie will feel soft, fresh and comfortable, and will smell like a colada all day long. 


What makes it special? Best Yoni Bar to fight odour leaving your Coochie tasting & smelling like a sweet Colada. Yoni Loving Herbs for the vaginal area to increase libido. Order yours today! 

INGREDIENTS: •Yoni Blend Herbs• Mica • Rosemary EO • Clove• Soap Base• Tea Tree EO• No Fragrance Added 

For: Yoni

How to Use: daily as needed.

Do not put inside vagina area.

Shelf life: 1 year Bar size: Approximately 4-5oz (size may slightly vary)